Do Cops really deserve sympathy in this hour of judgment, Dallas sniper shoot out?



They say a picture can be worth a thousand words. He’s embracing the face of those that’s killing our people. I wouldn’t dare to align my soul with Gentiles.


If I had to honestly answer this, even after black female officer Nakia Jones took a stand to break the Code of Silence, and she was suspended, I would say they had it coming. When you take into consideration that the bad outweighs the good this is the effect or reaction that happens immediately following a heartbreaking murder. What cops fail to understand that you can’t be doing dirt in one place and expect your fellow officers not to be impacted by your bad decisions.  When Eric Gardner was murdered in New York City, not too long after his assassination /lynching, two New York City cops paid the price. It doesn’t matter who does it but I have to give those warriors their props for sending out a message that we won’t tolerate your cold blooded heartless killings of black people. Our ancestors gave their lives in the name of building this damn country and this is how you repay their descendants. You Europeans are beasts by nature if a wild dog attacks you then it must be put down.

President Barak Obama isn’t a voice for black people but lots of our people voted him into the office to serve two terms. Every time a situation occurs in America and Caucasians are being slaughtered, this Puppet President makes sure he gives the best speech reminding Americans this will not be tolerated and like a think tank that man uses some very slick convincing words. I know he’s full of it like many of his brethren politicians, e.g. mayors, governors, senators, congressmen, police chiefs, etc. Never trust a money grubbing double talking politician. Their job is to maintain social order and control at any cost which includes lying to the people that believe in their words. They speak in riddles. My people, you got to learn to think for yourselves.

Now is a time not to walk around through the valley of the shadow of death worrying about your life. The reality is this is only the beginning of Israel’s sorrows to come. I have a son, so I feel the pain when a family loses a father to unnecessary deadly force. They act like we don’t have feelings and we are to let it happen and just forget without retaliation. I didn’t realize that I could actually cry for Israel’s suffering until I watched them two videos, I thought tears were only for our mothers and sisters to shed. All Praise to Yah, I know what it feels like to get pulled over by an angry racist cop. The late honorable Dr. Khalid Muhammad defined true racism as “prejudice plus power.”  Does this sound like black people fit the script as being black supremacists with power in America? Read our past history in America as slaves and all the things our ancestors had to put up with to survive living in this hell on earth.

The message is clear, America’s infrastructure will collapse from within her ranks and Judah will rise and burn it to the ground. History has a strange way of repeating itself, just read some of the stories in the old testament when Israel was great and the nations that trembled in their presence; and even nations that outnumbered them they destroyed them. The big fish is under a strong delusion that they can eat up the smaller fishes, and one day those little fishes will be bigger and stronger than those big fishes and consume them. I’m not a man for unnecessary violence but I refuse to be afraid of any cop because if it’s the choice between my life or your life, believe me, I’m not going to be the coward to let you willfully take mine. You have the Yah-given birthright to defend yourself against the enemy we call “death.”  They have no right to take your life and get placed on administrative suspension with pay while they go home to their loved ones, and you’re covered in dirt. Again, my people, the message is clear after the murder of Alton and Philando that we are at war and the so-called good cop should also be suspect.



One thought on “Do Cops really deserve sympathy in this hour of judgment, Dallas sniper shoot out?

  1. Thank you for posting these videos and exposing these Devils. Who cares if judgement came for theses cops. You reap what you sow as our bible tell us. Keep the truth up. Shalom.


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