The Wheels of Propaganda, free your mind.


True words of a spoken Israelite.” Truth never needs any apology.”



Let’s define the word propaganda-it’s information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.  I’m going to reverse some recent negative propaganda in the media.  What if the shooter  in Dallas was a Caucasian male, would the reaction have been the same? I think we all remember the D.C. sniper William Muhammad and when they found out he was a Blackman, it shook America to its core. They were expecting the man-hunt to find a white male shooter in the D.C. area, this is what the media fed their viewers. They called the shooting in Orlando Florida one of the worse massacres in America, and they said the same for Dallas, keyword- “massacre.”  They will not dare to mention the real massacres of thousands of so-called African-Americans in the hands of Euro-Gentiles in America. President Barak Obama called the Dallas Sniper every negative word except a Son of the Living God. The Dallas sniper had more soul in one of his pinky fingers than many of us have in our entire bodies.

When white cops kill black people the criminal justice system sets them free and they are glorified by the media but you dare not say anything bad about their behavior.  The four percent on FoxNews will call black people that refuse to conform to the system, troublemakers, ignorant, insane and stupid but wouldn’t risk telling the truth that a majority of our people subconsciously may suffer from slavery post-traumatic stress disorder which is embedded in our very DNA. Our people never had a chance to heal from the”psychological effects of slavery.”  Research what they did in this country to thousands of so-called freed slaves, tossed them right into a concentration camp in Natchez Mississippi called the “punch bowl,” they died from diseases and starvation and buried the dead where they slept. This place is located in Adams County, keywords Adam and Natchez, one word is Old Testament, and the other Jewish, I don’t believe this was some coincidence. The ex-Jewish slaveowners set this up because they knew we were the true Children of Israel. Who cares what Hilter did in Germany to the Synagogue of Satan’s Jews(Rev. 2:9,3:9).  The five percent fights to awake the 90% who wants to sleep while the 1% and 4% want to silence the five percent who doesn’t buy into the propaganda.

Seventy-five percent of the people in the Holy Bible were dark brown-black skin people but when you watch the old 70s version of the Ten Commandments movie or any other biblical movie they always got to look European. If that’s not propaganda for your butt then I must not know what propaganda is, my God forbids. Use the power to define who you are according to Yah and stop letting those lying Euro-Gentile undercover Jewish people blow smoke up your tail pipe. God is white, is propaganda that still works in the minds of thousands of our black Christian brothers and sisters. The Son of God was black would not be propaganda but a historical, biological, biblical and anthropological fact, this also goes for the physical appearance of the ancient Israelites.

I asked an Israelite sister in a conversation many years ago when she mentioned the acronym turning on her ABS, I said what does that mean, she said “automatic bull sh… blocker.” Every time America is faced with an unexpected crisis, we jump on the internet or flop in front of the television(tell-lie-vision) set but forget to turn on our ABS when listening to President Barak Obama and other black and white politicians alike.  Never forget that propaganda is like running a false flag operation, create a misleading situation and convince the sleepers it’s the black people’s fault that it happened. People love lies, especially our apologetic for-giving black people, read Isaiah the 30th Chapter verses 8-13.  I will say this last thing if you paid close attention to what people had to say that were there in Dallas,  some said the shooting started with the police but I guess that would be me making up my own “propaganda,” smh. The words of the 90s r&b female group Envogue, “free your mind and the rest will follow.”







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