Forgiveness is a double-standard with Caucasians.

This is a subliminal image trapped into our people’s subconscious thinking.


The words of my brother Dawud, “they love the devils because the devils give them nothing.”  This statement ties into the reason why many of our people are so forgiving of Caucasians. It’s like we always got something to prove about our love and loyalty when it comes to their people. I was watching NewsOneNow the other day and interestingly they mention things about black people and forgiveness.  My mind lit up to process such a taboo topic discuss briefly during the show. Two of the people of interest was the mother of Philando Castile, and the survivors of the recent Church shooting in Charleston North Carolina. The Gentiles are known to do things to us on purpose because they will ask our mentally dead forgiving people some of the most bizarre questions without regards to them mourning the loss of their loved ones. According to one of the guests on Roland Martin’s show, they asked Mrs. Castile in so many words, how does she feel about what just took place in Dallas, her response was she’s mourning her son and didn’t know anything about what happened in Dallas. I agree, she gave the best reply during that very short interview.  The Gentile media interviewed some of the relatives of the black people murdered in that church in Charleston North Carolina, had them in the courtroom on television forgiving this wicked Gentile for killing their relatives.

The devils are clever and cunning in their approach when they want to get our people to make fools of themselves.  This is when “turn the other cheek” is seriously misunderstood in the bible. Turn the other cheek was originally meant to apply to dealing with our Israelite brothers and sisters. For example, if I got into an argument with my brother and I got so heated that I wanted to hurt him on the spot, then I will turn away from my anger and walk away and speak with him about it the next day when I calm down, get it. The philosophy of Euro-Gentile’s Christianity took that passage like they took many verses out the scriptures and purposely distorted our understanding of those passages.  Today when wrong doings comes to the doorstep of our people through Gentiles, they already know what our response is going to be.

When 911 struck the twin towers in New York City, Washington D.C. had no problem with dropping unmerciful bombs on innocent women, men and children in the name of retaliation and terrorism.  How long did William Muhammad last on death row before they sent him to his death?  These people are hypocrites, they were born to always expect forgiveness but never give it under any circumstances. I’m quite sure George Bush sat in his all White Christian Church before his false god and went back to the White House the following week with revenge in his heart. What kind of damn society is this that wants the world’s sympathy when things go down but won’t lift a voice when they know they’ve done us dirty wrong?  How many times have you seen President Barak Obama or any politician apologize on the behalf of the so-called majority when those bastards have killed one of us wrongfully? These very same Gentiles will try to convince you that America, the U.S. Constitution, and Christianity are the best things that ever happen to so-called black people.

The strange thing about our people is we will crucify one of our own but a Gentile no matter what he or she does deserves mercy and forgiveness. I’m quite sure this is why many slave owners in the north and south were able to get away with so much rape, murder, sodomy and adultery because that low down rat bastard knew he had control of our minds and behavior(read the Willie Lynch letters).  In the minds of Euro-Gentiles, it was a license to do to the slaves whatever their wicked hearts desire.  There is something wrong with our people, after a good ole lynching(murder) they get the survivors of the deceased on the news stations telling our people we don’t want any violent protests while their daughter, son, brother, uncle, cousin, best friend or husband is laying in the funeral’s director embalming room which I call the death chamber.

Understand this, my people, they gave you “hope” of some afterlife existence in “heaven” and program our people to look forward to death versus life.  How many picks does a black man or woman really have in America, prison, death, church or being a homosexual which destroys the male protector in the family; and reproducing, and leaves the women exposed?  Did the God of Israel show the Israelite’s enemies forgiveness when He commanded for us to go to war and consume their nations?  Again, Christians read the bible but doesn’t fully understand the God of the Old Testament because they believe he is some loving, blue eyes, tiny lips, pointed nose, pale skin and blonde goat hair all loving universal god.  They gave up the real Elohim for the make believe god Jesus. The black Messiah in the new testament was a revolutionary “I came with a Sword and not Peace” savior of his people Israel(Matthew15:24) and believe me there was nothing soft and forgiving about Him and His Heavenly Father.  I only went into a short discussion about Christianity; the Jesus and God misconception; because black people not fully understanding the Bible(KJV) is the root cause of our foolish way of thinking when it comes to forgiveness.

My people, please study Gentiles and tragic events in this country that affects them personally and tell me how many times do you hear anything about some god and forgiveness when their people are dead. The sniper in Dallas, have you heard family members of the slain cops saying anything about we should forgive that black man because he didn’t know any better, you won’t hear it, if so, it’s a damn lie. We’ve been here in America for almost 400 years dealing with these misfit Gentiles and many of us are still in denial of their evil natures so we are quick to forgive instead of getting even with them. They say “two wrongs don’t make a right but it surely makes it even.” “Do unto those as you would have them do unto you.” “Eye for an eye.” “If you want respect then give it.”  The sayings are just quotes that fit right into the scheme of what Gentiles actually believe while we continue to clutch on thorns. The Caucasians never intended on being fair with us in their dealings.  The Most High’s(Yah) definition of forgiveness in the scriptures has been seriously and purposely taken out of context to benefit the so-called majority population in America.



One thought on “Forgiveness is a double-standard with Caucasians.

  1. Shalom, really excellent point you made about our people. It pisses me off to see how easy forgiving we are when it comes to the devils and their wicked deeds, but our own people be ready to go to war with one another over the littlest things. That’s some serious brainwashing to think that we suppose to forgive our enemies , and hate our own. The only thing we can do is continue to pray for the lost sheep. Exactly what they are is Lost. Peace


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