My comment on a youtube video…My people are in a frenzy state of mind.


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Love my brothers but I got to question their end game. Where are you trying to take my people?



Shalom, my brothers. I watched just a few minutes of this video with Tommy Sotomayor, Polight and SaNeter talking about what we got to do as a people and I got a feeling where they’re going with it. I agree with the Jesus is not going to save our people. I also know that many of our people don’t understand the Lord and God religious concept thanks to Christianity. I also know that Polight and SaNeter do not believe in scriptures because King James authorized a translation into English. Whatever Polight and SaNeter are planning, it will have it’s troubles also like BLM. Those brothers will have our people calling on the Egyptian Book of the Dead spirits which will get our people slaughtered.

For some reason, they believe we as a people created ourselves which makes us some gods of this universe. If you are a god then god make it rain or make the Caucasians just leave us alone, I didn’t say this to be sarcastic but think reality. The scriptures say that “a fool has said in his heart, there is no Elohim.” I understand that some of my Israelite brothers have made some false predictions that didn’t come to pass because the Living Elohim was not working His spirits in them. Polight and SaNeter will have our people shooting guns which we will also get slaughtered.

I understand lots of our people are very upset and even terrified of the recent killings of Philando and Alton. We are desperate and a people in that frame of mind is bound to make mistakes at every turn. Our people are spiritual by nature, and that’s what we should focus on is looking for a real spiritual solution to fight back. Talking about or talking to Gentiles isn’t going to change their mankind; man beast nature.

My people, you better not faint and keep your faith because faith is the power of Elohim in you. I think what happens to our people a lot is we really don’t have the answers no matter how well read or travelled you may be in life. My Elohim knows I love my people regardless of all the doctrines of confusion and division in America. Words do move people, sometimes in the right direction or cause their demise. We got to know the people we put our trust in to guide or lead us.

I just know in my soul that I didn’t get here on this earth on my own but a much higher force than Me was responsible and we just got disconnected through slavery. I don’t want to be the one who denounce the existence of a power that when it does become fully active again, I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to answer to that great power or force. Polight, SaNeter, Sankofa, ISUPK, and many of you I’ve sat back and analyzed your knowledge. Our people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. The Holy Bible isn’t no white man’s book, they hijacked it. Jesus(Just-us) is just that for Just Us fools, just like justice is for Just them Gentiles(Just-us) and some things we won’t get from them.

There are only three ways out of this, for now, leave America, fight back the best way you know how or just stay out of it. Watching videos on youtube can be a learning and growing experience but pick your battles carefully and question the people you are willing to follow. Everybody is trying to get a piece of Philando and Alton but be careful what piece you partake in. I’ve had many run-ins with law enforcement but I am thankful to a Living Power, I’m here to talk about it. Without war, there is no peace in the end. I support any real Spiritual Warfare because what else do we have left as a people to look forward to.

I viewed the video further, and all I could hear is the anger in Polight’s words.  What Polight failed to realize because of his personal political and economic belief system which is not necessarily rooted in facts one hundred percent is those other knowledgeable truth seeking black people understand where he is coming from but have a different system of economic and political views. What do I mean by this, let’s scratch the Jesus philosophy for a moment and look at it this way, there are black people that know that Jesus was a black man(Israelite) that goes to church on Sundays but they also understand that the Old Testament  speaks of our own governing system of politics and economics?

I like to see Polight literally set up something like a black wall street with all the talking he does since he doesn’t believe in anything higher than himself other than calling on Egyptian gods/spirits.  He believes Egypt is above all other knowledge and his politics, economics and egyptology is the only thing that black people should be practicing and teaching.  I’ve spoken with numerous of brothers like Polight and SaNeter and lots of times they don’t want to admit they have limitations in the knowledge they possess.

There are many ways to liberate and clean up our communities other than trying to change politics and economics which lots of times is a stumbling block because we don’t control Washington and there is no real unity with our people.  One way for sure is to research the laws of Elohim in the Old Testament/Torah and stop letting brothers like Polight and SaNeter tell you it’s a white man’s thing.  Anyone that knows their history also knows he raped, murdered, stole and enslaved to get where he is today all over this earth.  Are those Euro-Gentiles not doing the same in America?

I’m also living proof that Hebrew spirituality really works when properly administered.  It all depends on how much you want to know and how far are you willing to go to get the answers.  I know this much for sure when we pray against our enemy, it doesn’t matter how Elohim’s heavenly hosts answer or who brings the fire, what counts is someone had to pay.



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