The ignorance of black police officers in America.


Many of them do not deserve and should not wear this patch.


A brother was recently arrested in the City of Syracuse for recording two officers in a traffic or driving while black stop.  This is my beef about this particular incident, a black cop with so much to prove approach a black man video recording about 50 feet away from the car that was stopped. The black cop yells at the black man to stop recording as if he was doing something unlawful. The black cop runs down the black man and wrestles him to the ground.  The black cop arrests the black man and charges him with these foolish misdemeanors. The brother gets released I believe that very same day, and what an embarrassment to the Syracuse Police Department Chief of Police.

If this was a black cop that done the same to a white bystander, he knows he would’ve been suspended without pay and maybe it would’ve cost him his job.  Why didn’t the white officer say anything to the black man? The white officer didn’t need to say anything because he knows even as a black cop you will oppress your own people, even when they’re not doing anything wrong.  The black cop has a case of what is known as Stockholm Syndrome, for those that don’t know it’s a need to feel you have to protect your oppressors.

Those black cops in the Freddy Gray case should feel horribly ashamed for their role in the death of another black man. I say a cop is a cop no matter what the skin color but there is nothing more shameful than to be a black cop knowing the history of law enforcement originated from the slave plantation, say overseer really fast and you will hear officer. They still ride horses in some places but a car is preferable because a horse can’t run 70-100mph on the streets.

Black people please beware of the big bad black wolves in black or blue uniforms ready to take charge because he or she wants to be a super negro cop like Sheriff Clarke and those low down scum bag cops in Baltimore found not guilty.  If you got to record just use some discretion knowing it ain’t no protection for our complexion.  Woo Woo that’s the sound of the Police, Woo Woo, he’s not a man but a beast.



One thought on “The ignorance of black police officers in America.

  1. Shalom that’s a damn shame that it has gotten to the point of African American (Israelite) getting arrested for video recording these dirty ass cops. What a damn shame, that’s bullshit at it’s highest degree. Especially when it’s a Coon that has got his degree in coonoligy, them type of Negros got something to prove to there Master the Devil. I can’t wait until them Devils get what they got coming.


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