The science of European evolution is not supported by facts.

The Original Caveman. Click on image for more info.
White people have always used divide and conquer, and propaganda tactics to keep us in a constant state of confusion. There should be no black person supporting an evolution theory about humans evolving from animals. I believe some of our people come amongst us secretly operating as double agents, e.g., they are black people who have lots of white friends; black people who have white lovers; black people who are afraid to be on a camera and stand for what is right while the world watches you. The only evolution I ever understood and can confirm is to watch an unborn child grow in a mother’s belly while her stomach size increase with every passing month. The evolution of the first automobile into what we drive in 2016 which also goes for the first television, cassette player, computer, bicycle, etc.
Human evolution is too complex to honestly answer the who, when, what and where in science. The science of human evolution is sugar coated with white supremacy. I remember racist science pictures of black apes being compared to the development of black people when I knew in my soul, the only people that ever looked like and possess physical features of that of an ape or monkey, ex., big ears, thin lips, hairy body, flat buttocks and beast nature is none other than the Euro-Gentile Caucasian families of the earth. It’s hard for them to talk about their own evolution without throwing people of color up in the mix. The white race is liars by nature, so practically anything they documented can’t be 100% trusted as factual. They are known to mix the truth with the lies but never getting too far away from the lie. The white man knows he doesn’t have a righteous GOD, so he must play his own god while instilling white superiority into our thought process.
I was astonished to have watched the Conscious Community argue on YouTube over European evolution.  There were so many other worthwhile topics those brothers could’ve been debating.  Black people in America are some of the most divided people known to man. Slavery has murdered the unity and love among our people.  We suppose to be living in 2016 but it feels more like the 1700s an all out war between the house and field Negros. This is the impression I got from watching the Conscious Community battle over white non-sense.  Jacob refuse to wake up but continues to break up over things they had no control over the moment Europeans decided to re-write history and creation to satisfy their man-kind nature.

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