Megan Rapinoe is a joke for kneeling during the National Anthem.




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I saw an article by the Daily Wire, and it reads “U.S. soccer player won’t stand for the national anthem.”  Rapinoe says that “America treatment of minorities and gays is part of her reason for the symbolic act, and she hoped would help continue the conversation.”  This lesbian European also stated “that we are not saying we are not one of the greatest countries in the world, just need to accept that it is not perfect, things are broken, and quite honestly, being gay, I have stood with my hand over my heart during the national anthem and felt like I haven’t had my liberties protected, so I can absolutely sympathize with that feeling.”

I want to start off by addressing how this European lesbian is trying to use the platform of Kaepernick situation to push the homosexual agenda. They have always tried to hijack, misuse , and abuse laws to their benefit that was put into place for so-called African Americans. The rise of homosexuality in the land of the United Snakes of America has been an immoral dilemma for black people and has forced our people to take a back seat in the political and social arena. For example, they have taken the Civil Rights Act away from us and gave it to feminist white women and the LGBT, they infiltrated Black Lives Matter, transgender restrooms, and children, and now they’re using Kaepernick’s platform on injustice against blacks in America to gain national attention.  The National Anthem is not protected by the U.S. Constitution stating that all Americans must stand when the National Anthem is in progress.  Standing for the National Anthem is strictly a patriotic act that doesn’t require any intelligence. The history behind its creation should make any black individual think twice before pledging to Francis Scott Key, he was a Gentile who was quoted for degrading black people and an ex-slave owner.

This European Rapinoe can take a knee to the National Anthem as many times as she wants because she will never fill the shoes or even come close to relating to our ancestors and our people’s suffering that they had to endure in this crooked , unethical , Sodom Gomorrah land of the dead. We as the descendants of our Israelite ancestors are still experiencing the racial hatred of white supremacy that the United Snakes of America systematically through social engineering used against us for almost four hundred years. You Gentiles have the complexion for the protection, and your European relatives(politics, justice system) will always have your back one hundred percent, regardless if you’re in the wrong. Megan Rapinoe you need to find your own platform to stand on instead of Colin Kaepernick legacy.  This article is my personal thoughts about the National Anthem and the homosexual agenda. If the reader doesn’t like what was written, then all I can say is get over it and move on because the truth never needs no apology.  I don’t consider myself to be apologetic nor forgiving.





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