About Us

What can I say about this Hebrew blog site S.T.R.I.K.E. so you as a reader will have an understanding of what we do on this blog site? First of all like many others who are like us as Hebrews, we’re not new to this knowledge about Hebrew Israelites, in fact, we’ve been operating in our community for over 20 years teaching our people, fighting police misconduct, working to rid our neighborhoods of gun violence and crime, supporting local black businesses, helping our youths, giving food and clothing donations but most importantly looking for ways to unite black people in love, truth, knowledge, spirit, Elohim’s laws and freedom.

We are here to unite with those of our people who have vision into the future and see just a little further than those who are less fortunate. Our future is in Yah and the coming of Our Black messiah, Israelite saints, true messengers, saviors, holy spirits and Hebrew conquerors.  America and her allies will pay for the sins committed against the true Children of Israel because wickedness will not go unpunished according to Our Elohim. The quiet always comes before the storm. If you don’t see the horrors that are already unfolding in America and other European countries as we’ve witnessed many times then Elohim’s storm will sneak up on you like it was in the days of Noah.

Our character is not founded on hate, violence, and harm against those who oppose us because we understand what we’re up against in this ongoing spiritual, psychological and physical warfare battle and we use the faith in Our Elohim mingled with our works to overcome what many may see as the impossible. This is not saying in the presence of a threat to Hebrew life we’ll lay down like lambs but instead, we’ll fight with the strength that Elohim of Israel gives us at that hour of judgment or decision.  We feel that our people need to be seriously spiritually and psychologically reprogrammed after spending hundreds of years in captivity in America. America hates the descendants of Hebrew slaves so they do everything in their power, politically, economically and religiously to keep our people in gross darkness.

All we ask if you got what it takes, join and support us here on this Hebrew blog site.  We welcome all people but be sure to leave your egos at home because if you come incorrect then we won’t have a problem with cutting you with the sword of truth in Yah. We are a spiritual warfare people because we are originally a spiritual people with a natural connection to the Elohim-Man upstairs.

Written by, A. Zechariyah for S.T.R.I.K.E.