Megan Rapinoe is a joke for kneeling during the National Anthem.




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I saw an article by the Daily Wire, and it reads “U.S. soccer player won’t stand for the national anthem.”  Rapinoe says that “America treatment of minorities and gays is part of her reason for the symbolic act, and she hoped would help continue the conversation.”  This lesbian European also stated “that we are not saying we are not one of the greatest countries in the world, just need to accept that it is not perfect, things are broken, and quite honestly, being gay, I have stood with my hand over my heart during the national anthem and felt like I haven’t had my liberties protected, so I can absolutely sympathize with that feeling.”

I want to start off by addressing how this European lesbian is trying to use the platform of Kaepernick situation to push the homosexual agenda. They have always tried to hijack, misuse , and abuse laws to their benefit that was put into place for so-called African Americans. The rise of homosexuality in the land of the United Snakes of America has been an immoral dilemma for black people and has forced our people to take a back seat in the political and social arena. For example, they have taken the Civil Rights Act away from us and gave it to feminist white women and the LGBT, they infiltrated Black Lives Matter, transgender restrooms, and children, and now they’re using Kaepernick’s platform on injustice against blacks in America to gain national attention.  The National Anthem is not protected by the U.S. Constitution stating that all Americans must stand when the National Anthem is in progress.  Standing for the National Anthem is strictly a patriotic act that doesn’t require any intelligence. The history behind its creation should make any black individual think twice before pledging to Francis Scott Key, he was a Gentile who was quoted for degrading black people and an ex-slave owner.

This European Rapinoe can take a knee to the National Anthem as many times as she wants because she will never fill the shoes or even come close to relating to our ancestors and our people’s suffering that they had to endure in this crooked , unethical , Sodom Gomorrah land of the dead. We as the descendants of our Israelite ancestors are still experiencing the racial hatred of white supremacy that the United Snakes of America systematically through social engineering used against us for almost four hundred years. You Gentiles have the complexion for the protection, and your European relatives(politics, justice system) will always have your back one hundred percent, regardless if you’re in the wrong. Megan Rapinoe you need to find your own platform to stand on instead of Colin Kaepernick legacy.  This article is my personal thoughts about the National Anthem and the homosexual agenda. If the reader doesn’t like what was written, then all I can say is get over it and move on because the truth never needs no apology.  I don’t consider myself to be apologetic nor forgiving.





The science of European evolution is not supported by facts.

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White people have always used divide and conquer, and propaganda tactics to keep us in a constant state of confusion. There should be no black person supporting an evolution theory about humans evolving from animals. I believe some of our people come amongst us secretly operating as double agents, e.g., they are black people who have lots of white friends; black people who have white lovers; black people who are afraid to be on a camera and stand for what is right while the world watches you. The only evolution I ever understood and can confirm is to watch an unborn child grow in a mother’s belly while her stomach size increase with every passing month. The evolution of the first automobile into what we drive in 2016 which also goes for the first television, cassette player, computer, bicycle, etc.
Human evolution is too complex to honestly answer the who, when, what and where in science. The science of human evolution is sugar coated with white supremacy. I remember racist science pictures of black apes being compared to the development of black people when I knew in my soul, the only people that ever looked like and possess physical features of that of an ape or monkey, ex., big ears, thin lips, hairy body, flat buttocks and beast nature is none other than the Euro-Gentile Caucasian families of the earth. It’s hard for them to talk about their own evolution without throwing people of color up in the mix. The white race is liars by nature, so practically anything they documented can’t be 100% trusted as factual. They are known to mix the truth with the lies but never getting too far away from the lie. The white man knows he doesn’t have a righteous GOD, so he must play his own god while instilling white superiority into our thought process.
I was astonished to have watched the Conscious Community argue on YouTube over European evolution.  There were so many other worthwhile topics those brothers could’ve been debating.  Black people in America are some of the most divided people known to man. Slavery has murdered the unity and love among our people.  We suppose to be living in 2016 but it feels more like the 1700s an all out war between the house and field Negros. This is the impression I got from watching the Conscious Community battle over white non-sense.  Jacob refuse to wake up but continues to break up over things they had no control over the moment Europeans decided to re-write history and creation to satisfy their man-kind nature.

The ignorance of black police officers in America.


Many of them do not deserve and should not wear this patch.


A brother was recently arrested in the City of Syracuse for recording two officers in a traffic or driving while black stop.  This is my beef about this particular incident, a black cop with so much to prove approach a black man video recording about 50 feet away from the car that was stopped. The black cop yells at the black man to stop recording as if he was doing something unlawful. The black cop runs down the black man and wrestles him to the ground.  The black cop arrests the black man and charges him with these foolish misdemeanors. The brother gets released I believe that very same day, and what an embarrassment to the Syracuse Police Department Chief of Police.

If this was a black cop that done the same to a white bystander, he knows he would’ve been suspended without pay and maybe it would’ve cost him his job.  Why didn’t the white officer say anything to the black man? The white officer didn’t need to say anything because he knows even as a black cop you will oppress your own people, even when they’re not doing anything wrong.  The black cop has a case of what is known as Stockholm Syndrome, for those that don’t know it’s a need to feel you have to protect your oppressors.

Those black cops in the Freddy Gray case should feel horribly ashamed for their role in the death of another black man. I say a cop is a cop no matter what the skin color but there is nothing more shameful than to be a black cop knowing the history of law enforcement originated from the slave plantation, say overseer really fast and you will hear officer. They still ride horses in some places but a car is preferable because a horse can’t run 70-100mph on the streets.

Black people please beware of the big bad black wolves in black or blue uniforms ready to take charge because he or she wants to be a super negro cop like Sheriff Clarke and those low down scum bag cops in Baltimore found not guilty.  If you got to record just use some discretion knowing it ain’t no protection for our complexion.  Woo Woo that’s the sound of the Police, Woo Woo, he’s not a man but a beast.


My comment on a youtube video…My people are in a frenzy state of mind.


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Love my brothers but I got to question their end game. Where are you trying to take my people?



Shalom, my brothers. I watched just a few minutes of this video with Tommy Sotomayor, Polight and SaNeter talking about what we got to do as a people and I got a feeling where they’re going with it. I agree with the Jesus is not going to save our people. I also know that many of our people don’t understand the Lord and God religious concept thanks to Christianity. I also know that Polight and SaNeter do not believe in scriptures because King James authorized a translation into English. Whatever Polight and SaNeter are planning, it will have it’s troubles also like BLM. Those brothers will have our people calling on the Egyptian Book of the Dead spirits which will get our people slaughtered.

For some reason, they believe we as a people created ourselves which makes us some gods of this universe. If you are a god then god make it rain or make the Caucasians just leave us alone, I didn’t say this to be sarcastic but think reality. The scriptures say that “a fool has said in his heart, there is no Elohim.” I understand that some of my Israelite brothers have made some false predictions that didn’t come to pass because the Living Elohim was not working His spirits in them. Polight and SaNeter will have our people shooting guns which we will also get slaughtered.

I understand lots of our people are very upset and even terrified of the recent killings of Philando and Alton. We are desperate and a people in that frame of mind is bound to make mistakes at every turn. Our people are spiritual by nature, and that’s what we should focus on is looking for a real spiritual solution to fight back. Talking about or talking to Gentiles isn’t going to change their mankind; man beast nature.

My people, you better not faint and keep your faith because faith is the power of Elohim in you. I think what happens to our people a lot is we really don’t have the answers no matter how well read or travelled you may be in life. My Elohim knows I love my people regardless of all the doctrines of confusion and division in America. Words do move people, sometimes in the right direction or cause their demise. We got to know the people we put our trust in to guide or lead us.

I just know in my soul that I didn’t get here on this earth on my own but a much higher force than Me was responsible and we just got disconnected through slavery. I don’t want to be the one who denounce the existence of a power that when it does become fully active again, I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to answer to that great power or force. Polight, SaNeter, Sankofa, ISUPK, and many of you I’ve sat back and analyzed your knowledge. Our people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. The Holy Bible isn’t no white man’s book, they hijacked it. Jesus(Just-us) is just that for Just Us fools, just like justice is for Just them Gentiles(Just-us) and some things we won’t get from them.

There are only three ways out of this, for now, leave America, fight back the best way you know how or just stay out of it. Watching videos on youtube can be a learning and growing experience but pick your battles carefully and question the people you are willing to follow. Everybody is trying to get a piece of Philando and Alton but be careful what piece you partake in. I’ve had many run-ins with law enforcement but I am thankful to a Living Power, I’m here to talk about it. Without war, there is no peace in the end. I support any real Spiritual Warfare because what else do we have left as a people to look forward to.

I viewed the video further, and all I could hear is the anger in Polight’s words.  What Polight failed to realize because of his personal political and economic belief system which is not necessarily rooted in facts one hundred percent is those other knowledgeable truth seeking black people understand where he is coming from but have a different system of economic and political views. What do I mean by this, let’s scratch the Jesus philosophy for a moment and look at it this way, there are black people that know that Jesus was a black man(Israelite) that goes to church on Sundays but they also understand that the Old Testament  speaks of our own governing system of politics and economics?

I like to see Polight literally set up something like a black wall street with all the talking he does since he doesn’t believe in anything higher than himself other than calling on Egyptian gods/spirits.  He believes Egypt is above all other knowledge and his politics, economics and egyptology is the only thing that black people should be practicing and teaching.  I’ve spoken with numerous of brothers like Polight and SaNeter and lots of times they don’t want to admit they have limitations in the knowledge they possess.

There are many ways to liberate and clean up our communities other than trying to change politics and economics which lots of times is a stumbling block because we don’t control Washington and there is no real unity with our people.  One way for sure is to research the laws of Elohim in the Old Testament/Torah and stop letting brothers like Polight and SaNeter tell you it’s a white man’s thing.  Anyone that knows their history also knows he raped, murdered, stole and enslaved to get where he is today all over this earth.  Are those Euro-Gentiles not doing the same in America?

I’m also living proof that Hebrew spirituality really works when properly administered.  It all depends on how much you want to know and how far are you willing to go to get the answers.  I know this much for sure when we pray against our enemy, it doesn’t matter how Elohim’s heavenly hosts answer or who brings the fire, what counts is someone had to pay.


Forgiveness is a double-standard with Caucasians.

This is a subliminal image trapped into our people’s subconscious thinking.


The words of my brother Dawud, “they love the devils because the devils give them nothing.”  This statement ties into the reason why many of our people are so forgiving of Caucasians. It’s like we always got something to prove about our love and loyalty when it comes to their people. I was watching NewsOneNow the other day and interestingly they mention things about black people and forgiveness.  My mind lit up to process such a taboo topic discuss briefly during the show. Two of the people of interest was the mother of Philando Castile, and the survivors of the recent Church shooting in Charleston North Carolina. The Gentiles are known to do things to us on purpose because they will ask our mentally dead forgiving people some of the most bizarre questions without regards to them mourning the loss of their loved ones. According to one of the guests on Roland Martin’s show, they asked Mrs. Castile in so many words, how does she feel about what just took place in Dallas, her response was she’s mourning her son and didn’t know anything about what happened in Dallas. I agree, she gave the best reply during that very short interview.  The Gentile media interviewed some of the relatives of the black people murdered in that church in Charleston North Carolina, had them in the courtroom on television forgiving this wicked Gentile for killing their relatives.

The devils are clever and cunning in their approach when they want to get our people to make fools of themselves.  This is when “turn the other cheek” is seriously misunderstood in the bible. Turn the other cheek was originally meant to apply to dealing with our Israelite brothers and sisters. For example, if I got into an argument with my brother and I got so heated that I wanted to hurt him on the spot, then I will turn away from my anger and walk away and speak with him about it the next day when I calm down, get it. The philosophy of Euro-Gentile’s Christianity took that passage like they took many verses out the scriptures and purposely distorted our understanding of those passages.  Today when wrong doings comes to the doorstep of our people through Gentiles, they already know what our response is going to be.

When 911 struck the twin towers in New York City, Washington D.C. had no problem with dropping unmerciful bombs on innocent women, men and children in the name of retaliation and terrorism.  How long did William Muhammad last on death row before they sent him to his death?  These people are hypocrites, they were born to always expect forgiveness but never give it under any circumstances. I’m quite sure George Bush sat in his all White Christian Church before his false god and went back to the White House the following week with revenge in his heart. What kind of damn society is this that wants the world’s sympathy when things go down but won’t lift a voice when they know they’ve done us dirty wrong?  How many times have you seen President Barak Obama or any politician apologize on the behalf of the so-called majority when those bastards have killed one of us wrongfully? These very same Gentiles will try to convince you that America, the U.S. Constitution, and Christianity are the best things that ever happen to so-called black people.

The strange thing about our people is we will crucify one of our own but a Gentile no matter what he or she does deserves mercy and forgiveness. I’m quite sure this is why many slave owners in the north and south were able to get away with so much rape, murder, sodomy and adultery because that low down rat bastard knew he had control of our minds and behavior(read the Willie Lynch letters).  In the minds of Euro-Gentiles, it was a license to do to the slaves whatever their wicked hearts desire.  There is something wrong with our people, after a good ole lynching(murder) they get the survivors of the deceased on the news stations telling our people we don’t want any violent protests while their daughter, son, brother, uncle, cousin, best friend or husband is laying in the funeral’s director embalming room which I call the death chamber.

Understand this, my people, they gave you “hope” of some afterlife existence in “heaven” and program our people to look forward to death versus life.  How many picks does a black man or woman really have in America, prison, death, church or being a homosexual which destroys the male protector in the family; and reproducing, and leaves the women exposed?  Did the God of Israel show the Israelite’s enemies forgiveness when He commanded for us to go to war and consume their nations?  Again, Christians read the bible but doesn’t fully understand the God of the Old Testament because they believe he is some loving, blue eyes, tiny lips, pointed nose, pale skin and blonde goat hair all loving universal god.  They gave up the real Elohim for the make believe god Jesus. The black Messiah in the new testament was a revolutionary “I came with a Sword and not Peace” savior of his people Israel(Matthew15:24) and believe me there was nothing soft and forgiving about Him and His Heavenly Father.  I only went into a short discussion about Christianity; the Jesus and God misconception; because black people not fully understanding the Bible(KJV) is the root cause of our foolish way of thinking when it comes to forgiveness.

My people, please study Gentiles and tragic events in this country that affects them personally and tell me how many times do you hear anything about some god and forgiveness when their people are dead. The sniper in Dallas, have you heard family members of the slain cops saying anything about we should forgive that black man because he didn’t know any better, you won’t hear it, if so, it’s a damn lie. We’ve been here in America for almost 400 years dealing with these misfit Gentiles and many of us are still in denial of their evil natures so we are quick to forgive instead of getting even with them. They say “two wrongs don’t make a right but it surely makes it even.” “Do unto those as you would have them do unto you.” “Eye for an eye.” “If you want respect then give it.”  The sayings are just quotes that fit right into the scheme of what Gentiles actually believe while we continue to clutch on thorns. The Caucasians never intended on being fair with us in their dealings.  The Most High’s(Yah) definition of forgiveness in the scriptures has been seriously and purposely taken out of context to benefit the so-called majority population in America.


The Wheels of Propaganda, free your mind.


True words of a spoken Israelite.” Truth never needs any apology.”



Let’s define the word propaganda-it’s information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.  I’m going to reverse some recent negative propaganda in the media.  What if the shooter  in Dallas was a Caucasian male, would the reaction have been the same? I think we all remember the D.C. sniper William Muhammad and when they found out he was a Blackman, it shook America to its core. They were expecting the man-hunt to find a white male shooter in the D.C. area, this is what the media fed their viewers. They called the shooting in Orlando Florida one of the worse massacres in America, and they said the same for Dallas, keyword- “massacre.”  They will not dare to mention the real massacres of thousands of so-called African-Americans in the hands of Euro-Gentiles in America. President Barak Obama called the Dallas Sniper every negative word except a Son of the Living God. The Dallas sniper had more soul in one of his pinky fingers than many of us have in our entire bodies.

When white cops kill black people the criminal justice system sets them free and they are glorified by the media but you dare not say anything bad about their behavior.  The four percent on FoxNews will call black people that refuse to conform to the system, troublemakers, ignorant, insane and stupid but wouldn’t risk telling the truth that a majority of our people subconsciously may suffer from slavery post-traumatic stress disorder which is embedded in our very DNA. Our people never had a chance to heal from the”psychological effects of slavery.”  Research what they did in this country to thousands of so-called freed slaves, tossed them right into a concentration camp in Natchez Mississippi called the “punch bowl,” they died from diseases and starvation and buried the dead where they slept. This place is located in Adams County, keywords Adam and Natchez, one word is Old Testament, and the other Jewish, I don’t believe this was some coincidence. The ex-Jewish slaveowners set this up because they knew we were the true Children of Israel. Who cares what Hilter did in Germany to the Synagogue of Satan’s Jews(Rev. 2:9,3:9).  The five percent fights to awake the 90% who wants to sleep while the 1% and 4% want to silence the five percent who doesn’t buy into the propaganda.

Seventy-five percent of the people in the Holy Bible were dark brown-black skin people but when you watch the old 70s version of the Ten Commandments movie or any other biblical movie they always got to look European. If that’s not propaganda for your butt then I must not know what propaganda is, my God forbids. Use the power to define who you are according to Yah and stop letting those lying Euro-Gentile undercover Jewish people blow smoke up your tail pipe. God is white, is propaganda that still works in the minds of thousands of our black Christian brothers and sisters. The Son of God was black would not be propaganda but a historical, biological, biblical and anthropological fact, this also goes for the physical appearance of the ancient Israelites.

I asked an Israelite sister in a conversation many years ago when she mentioned the acronym turning on her ABS, I said what does that mean, she said “automatic bull sh… blocker.” Every time America is faced with an unexpected crisis, we jump on the internet or flop in front of the television(tell-lie-vision) set but forget to turn on our ABS when listening to President Barak Obama and other black and white politicians alike.  Never forget that propaganda is like running a false flag operation, create a misleading situation and convince the sleepers it’s the black people’s fault that it happened. People love lies, especially our apologetic for-giving black people, read Isaiah the 30th Chapter verses 8-13.  I will say this last thing if you paid close attention to what people had to say that were there in Dallas,  some said the shooting started with the police but I guess that would be me making up my own “propaganda,” smh. The words of the 90s r&b female group Envogue, “free your mind and the rest will follow.”






Do Cops really deserve sympathy in this hour of judgment, Dallas sniper shoot out?



They say a picture can be worth a thousand words. He’s embracing the face of those that’s killing our people. I wouldn’t dare to align my soul with Gentiles.


If I had to honestly answer this, even after black female officer Nakia Jones took a stand to break the Code of Silence, and she was suspended, I would say they had it coming. When you take into consideration that the bad outweighs the good this is the effect or reaction that happens immediately following a heartbreaking murder. What cops fail to understand that you can’t be doing dirt in one place and expect your fellow officers not to be impacted by your bad decisions.  When Eric Gardner was murdered in New York City, not too long after his assassination /lynching, two New York City cops paid the price. It doesn’t matter who does it but I have to give those warriors their props for sending out a message that we won’t tolerate your cold blooded heartless killings of black people. Our ancestors gave their lives in the name of building this damn country and this is how you repay their descendants. You Europeans are beasts by nature if a wild dog attacks you then it must be put down.

President Barak Obama isn’t a voice for black people but lots of our people voted him into the office to serve two terms. Every time a situation occurs in America and Caucasians are being slaughtered, this Puppet President makes sure he gives the best speech reminding Americans this will not be tolerated and like a think tank that man uses some very slick convincing words. I know he’s full of it like many of his brethren politicians, e.g. mayors, governors, senators, congressmen, police chiefs, etc. Never trust a money grubbing double talking politician. Their job is to maintain social order and control at any cost which includes lying to the people that believe in their words. They speak in riddles. My people, you got to learn to think for yourselves.

Now is a time not to walk around through the valley of the shadow of death worrying about your life. The reality is this is only the beginning of Israel’s sorrows to come. I have a son, so I feel the pain when a family loses a father to unnecessary deadly force. They act like we don’t have feelings and we are to let it happen and just forget without retaliation. I didn’t realize that I could actually cry for Israel’s suffering until I watched them two videos, I thought tears were only for our mothers and sisters to shed. All Praise to Yah, I know what it feels like to get pulled over by an angry racist cop. The late honorable Dr. Khalid Muhammad defined true racism as “prejudice plus power.”  Does this sound like black people fit the script as being black supremacists with power in America? Read our past history in America as slaves and all the things our ancestors had to put up with to survive living in this hell on earth.

The message is clear, America’s infrastructure will collapse from within her ranks and Judah will rise and burn it to the ground. History has a strange way of repeating itself, just read some of the stories in the old testament when Israel was great and the nations that trembled in their presence; and even nations that outnumbered them they destroyed them. The big fish is under a strong delusion that they can eat up the smaller fishes, and one day those little fishes will be bigger and stronger than those big fishes and consume them. I’m not a man for unnecessary violence but I refuse to be afraid of any cop because if it’s the choice between my life or your life, believe me, I’m not going to be the coward to let you willfully take mine. You have the Yah-given birthright to defend yourself against the enemy we call “death.”  They have no right to take your life and get placed on administrative suspension with pay while they go home to their loved ones, and you’re covered in dirt. Again, my people, the message is clear after the murder of Alton and Philando that we are at war and the so-called good cop should also be suspect.


This is a red level situation with bad cops murdering Black Men, we will not tolerate such behavior.




Goddamn Asian Racist Serial killer Cop. You murdered my brother.


Red Alert means this Cain and Abel murdering has to stop by any means necessary.  The origin of law enforcement evolved out of slavery. I’ve watched the most disturbing video of a black man sent to his death while he sat covered in blood with his child and woman in the car. His woman in shock while his little girl tries to calm down her mother.  If you are reading this post, let me assure you, the spirit of truth put you here. I do feel the pain of the families of these murdered black men.  My brothers Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, I pray that the Holy One of Israel revenge your blood spilled on this soil. Doesn’t Genesis9:6 warns men who murder other men out of malice, “whoso shed man’s blood, by man should his blood be shed, for in the image of Yah made he man?” What part of this verse doesn’t bloodthirsty murdering cops understand?  The time is now to stand up and invoke the Most High. We got to put down those false gods like Allah and Jesus, “you should have no other gods before Yah,” and we got to get reacquainted with the Living Power of Israel again.  We got to let that Power once again intervene on our behalf. We should be praying for Israel(our people) day and night at this stage.  Do not listen to those of our old and young generation whose speaking that nonsense about let’s use “economics” against them, and another dead negro saying “it’s a federal and state issue we should look into,” and the other saying “we need to get some accountability using the criminal justice system.”  The funny thing is these very same people talking behind cameras like NewsOne hasn’t lost a loved one to a serial killer cop.  It’s easy to sit in some television studio and give your dead opinions about what our people should do while more of us are being murdered by police officers.

I remember the hip hop group Public Enemy saying “911 is a joke,” and I must say to “Protect and Serve” is even a bigger joke nowadays. These cops are undercover KKK skinheads, Donald Chump supporters, Luciferians, stereotypes, and just low down dirty no respect for life whatsoever cops.  I’m just a one-man stand on all that’s been happening in recent years and I will continue to be that voice in the wilderness.  You got politicians in high places sitting on their flat pop belly asses doing absolutely nothing to stop this madness because the reality is they want the bloodshed.  How in Elohim’s name do you shoot an unarmed black man reaching for his driver license and firearm permit? This was a rat sushi eating gutter skunk Asian cop that used fatal force.  You could hear his sissy ass shouting as my brother sat there waiting for the dancing down the yellow brick road paramedics to arrive.  My people spend their money at those Asian cat rat frying restaurants and hair stores but I guarantee you them damn Asians won’t make any noise about their murdering brother and the same goes for those India devil worshippers also when our brother was murdered by their undercover brother in Florida.  My blood pressure is up and my blood is boiling inside me.  What is going on with Judah? I’m saying wake up Lion of Judah and pray to our Elohim that He puts that revengeful spirit back into his people Israel. No Jewish-Gentile is our brother, sister or friend because I believe they are responsible for allowing a lot of what’s happening to continue and they hold positions of authority and power on this earth for now. This goes also for all European and African nations, and they are a bunch of no good for nothing low lives political bottom feeders.

The hell with that twelve tribe sign because I haven’t seen any Indians come off the reservations or out of the casinos saying “we got to fight with our black brothers,” and this also goes for that bean and rice eating Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, etc. This is a so-called black issue that needs to be rectified asap by so-called black people.  I’m sick and tired of every time I watch a certain new’s station, some ignorant racist ass cop did another “White Helter Skelter” killing.  Serial killer cops you have no right to take a life if your life hasn’t been directly threatened with a gun in your goddamn pale demonic face.  The State and the Feds are saying indirectly let the purge commence which lets us know where they stand on this critical issue in this critical hour of judgment. What can you expect from a nation that has allowed men to marry men; women to wed women; transgenders to use men and women bathrooms; women to be raped by police; politicians to remain greedy and corrupt; murderous drone strikes and I can go further with more facts of this place Amerihell? “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge” and until they wake the freak up and realize there is no heaven for them but only that white man’s heaven on earth while we are catching hell.

There is no unity with our people and that’s a super strike against them. We refuse to let go of the very things that are killing our nation, and religion and politics are at the top of the lists. What are you afraid of losing your freedom when they’re showing us death is the only freedom they’ll grant you at the tip of a gun? Death is nothing to play around with because it’s a one-way ticket out of this world with no return. This is why so-called black on black murder falls right into the same category as this evil.  My Elohim knows I would lay my life down for my brothers and sisters under the right circumstances but I’m not a lamb for the slaughter. Stand with me under Yah and the Black Messiah Yeshua and I will go all the way with you.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your head just as long as you know you are a Hebrew Israelite keeping them laws and praising a Black Woolly Haired God.  “Hear Oh Israel”! Search out them prayers in the old testament(KJV) to be used against your enemies and witness the Power of the Heavenly Hosts that will rip them dirty cops to pieces. Remember our strength is spiritual!



Innocent brother murdered in a Jim Crow state, undercover skin-head cops.

Brother Alton Sterling on the ground before murdered


Another brother shot to death in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for distributing CDs. I don’t give a damn what misinformation, disinformation or lies the media is feeding the minds of our people concerning Brother Alton’s murder by police,they’re guilty. Wasn’t it Luciferana the state that recently passed the “hate crime bill” for police? One thing I don’t see is the Nation of Islam doing anything about these senseless killings, not even the Black Panthers or any other outdated black organizations.  The majority of our people do nothing but talk about what they’re going to do but never take action. Louis Farrakhan talking that “Justice or Else” slogan or the “No Justice No Peace” but these wicked killings keep reoccurring in our communities.  The Black Panther Party with their “power to the people” when knowing our people are powerless against our ancient enemies.  Dr. Malachi Z. York came up with the perfect acronym to identify law enforcement, P.O.L.I.C.E. Power of Luciferians In Control of the Earth, it doesn’t get any simpler than that using the power to define. Our people in the south need to learn what It means to push back, especially when you consider the fact that the south tried so hard to maintain slavery even after it was abolished in this country.  There are brothers out there helping the “pigs” kill their own brothers, it will be a matter of time before the boys in black/blue murder you. This is open season on black men in America and war has been declared and we must decide who side are we fighting on.

Our people want to vote for Hillary Clinton, they voted for President Barak Obama but not one of them stood up against the Department of Justice  and demand that police officers that commit such horrendous acts should be prosecuted and locked up in federal prisons.  This is why I don’t play with  “hope” when it comes to The Creator and Politics. The only way this will stop if those of us who are not afraid to stand up for the right to life and fight back.  The wicked Gentiles by nature always understood two things, and that’s Money and War.  You can’t convince me this is not a system of racism and white supremacy, the late Dr. Francis Cress Welsing defined white supremacy and racism as a system that “Caucasians rule over non-European people.”  The footage of Alton’s murder caught on camera was so graphic that the person recording it, pulled back the camera just at the time the bullets started going off. Cops are nothing but tyrannical terrorist cowards that hide behind that goddamn badge, perverted laws, and gun.  Hate the police that’s killing our people(like King David hated Israel’s enemies with a perfect hate)but also hate the judicial system, the D.O.J., Capitol Hill, Fraternity Order of Police, Congress, the Senate, State and Federal policing policy makers, etc.

My people better snap out that “Christian save me Jesus god so loved the world” mentality and start praying to a force(GOD) that will help them fight against these “killer Cops.”  How dare they continue to murder my people and hide behind this corrupt wicked system believing justice and judgment will not come for them some day?  Blackman and woman, you are target practice for these cops that murdered someone’s son, husband, uncle, cousin, lover or best friend.  “I fear not the one that kills the body and not the soul but I fear the one who kills both body and soul” which doesn’t mean you lay down your life like a lamb for the slaughter. Arise Judah, and never forget the past! We were the most fearless nation of people on the face of this earth in ancient days until we turned from our Creator and started breaking the Laws of Yah, and this is how we ended up in this captivity and evil predicament in America. If you are someone that don’t believe in anything then try believing in these spoken words.


What the f… is this? What is going on with the system?

What the f… just happened?


We all had our moments in life that the abbreviation or phrase “what the f…” came to mind.  I’m going to touch on some of the things that brought on the thought of these three letters, “wtf.” About a few days ago, I was watching something on t.v. that had to do with criminal charges in the case of Jasmine Richards(BLM). She is now facing a felony charge of violating “the lynching law.”  First of all, I’ve never heard of or it just went completely over my head a law that’s referred to as a lynching law that works in favor of police which is explained, as anyone trying to take someone out of police custody. For the love of my Elohim, I thought that was a law which protects black people from hate crimes committed by wicked Caucasian lynch mobs. This reminded me of the olden days on the plantations when the overseer(officer) snatched up a rebellious slave and lynched him/her on the nearest tree limb without no interference while the slaves stood by and watched in tears and fear.  When the late Rodney King was surrounded by LAPD overseers in the 80s and beaten down like a wild horse while the world witness a modern day lynching, cars drove by but no one intervene to stop this brutal whipping. The lynching law was in full effect at the time of Mr. King’s fight for his life.

Racial classification usage of black and brown people is another “what the f…” are they talking about.  Isn’t it already bad enough that the Gentiles distorted the word black giving it some negative connotations that when we hear or see the word your concept is that of the dictionary racist definition? Technically, here are two facts about the word black, it was a transition from the slave trade into American culture, and secondly, we are not really black because the word is an adjective which describe  things such as a black car, black hat, black shoes, black coat, etc. There are not many so-called black people that would fit the physical description of the actual color black. The Spaniards used the word negro and out of that came the adjective black. I’m not saying that the color black isn’t beautiful or reliable as a reference to skin color, especially in the holy bible(KJV). In ancient times the color of our ancestor’s skin was very dark brown-black skin. So if white supremacy and the ignorance of some of our people want to play with adjectives in the context of skin color, Asians, Arabs, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans today are not brown skin people; they have permanent tan complexions.  Our people are different shades of brown, ranging from light brown to dark brown to jet black brown. Take a brown crayon and place it next to your skin and tell me if it’s almost a perfect match. If you are just going to be a copy cat when it comes to categorizing  skin color, at least use some God-given common sense if you have any left.

DNA testing to trace your ancestry is another explosive topic to me. Many people talk about DNA websites such as which is one of the most popular DNA test sites. The problem I have with DNA testing when it comes to so-called African-Americans is your results will point to some of the many places in West Africa where slaves were forced into slavery and shipped to the West Indies, South, Central, and North America.  I know a certain female who took an DNA test and it came back 94% so-called African and a small Asian and European percentage. My point here is that this sister was tricked and ripped off because her DNA results didn’t exactly mention her connection to the so-called Middle Eastern regions. These tests are not an accurate or detailed science. Those who didn’t treat us right won’t give us the keys to free our minds.  I don’t want to know anything about an Ashanti, Ebo, Mandingo, Yoruba, Congo or Ewe which are the many tribes our ancestors blended into while they settled on the shores of West Africa before the great transatlantic Euro-Jewish slave trade. The people that conduct these tests are very well aware of our connection to Jerusalem and Palestine lands but they believe the deception must go on. The science of DNA testing for one’s heritage is limited to those that made millions off of the ignorance of our people. The Holy Spirits or Spirits of Truth are responsible for showing those of our people who are receptive to receiving the truth concerning who they are according to ancient history and the Holy Books/Bible.  I’m not saying there are not DNA companies that are on the straight up with their testing but you must be aware and cautious when selecting a company.

What the f… are these poorly trained crooked rookies and veteran cops doing to our lost Israelite brothers and sisters? The Trayvon Martin murder was the first I’ve heard in many years. Syracuse Police Department has recently suspended one of their rookie gunslingers who shot into a crowd of black and latino men killing a black man. She damn near started a riot and was about to get a beat down until her fraternity brothers showed up to squash the angry crowd. White cops get suspended with pay but let it be a black cop killing a white boy and he will be prosecuted to the fullest of their law. Another brother died in the custody of cops in the justice center in Syracuse, New York. He was related to a local family in the city of Syracuse. A black woman accused a Syracuse cop of sexually assaulting her on many different occasions.

One day I was driving down South State street, I saw our people talking that talk “no justice, no peace” and I always wonder talking No justice won’t get justice and No peace means war but it’s no riots. I don’t believe in a good cop because no good cops spoke up for the use of excessive force and inhumane fatal tactics to subdue Freddy Gray. Wherever  we are brothers and sisters we need to let them know we mean business and put the fear of Yah into their hearts and dare them to put a hand on you. Little Tamir Rice, Oscar Grant, Walter Scott, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, Jamar Clark, Rodney King  and much more, they were all sacrifices to show the world and us America hasn’t changed her racist ways of doing things. If you are one of those black people that feel this isn’t your fight, wait until it happens to you or a close relative, friend, lover or maybe you’re just spiritually dead. If a good cop is sincere about protecting and serving the community then he shouldn’t mind reproving his fellow officers when they step out of line and blow the whistle.

The reality of it all is there are no good men in black or blue uniforms who sincerely want to help our people.  They killed my brothers and sisters with no recourse  and I’m sad that I wasn’t there to stop them by bringing the spirits of Yah against them. I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf that only becomes a cop to oppress and hunt down my people. White Supremacy and racism are alive and thriving globally, especially in America.

The tears of my soul covers my face as I look in disgrace of cops using guns and mace, shot that nigga in the back, spray some mace on his black face, kick him in the chest, strangle him with your arms but don’t let him breathe for long, he is foaming at the mouth, his eyes are rolling back in his head, stop the shaking its almost over, this nigga is about dead. He’s wearing a crucifix so we about to send him to nigga heaven. Make sure the dogs don’t let go of his flesh until he bleeds more bloody red just for a little while more. Turn off your body cams, so we don’t get judicially slammed by our peers, we bring our own evidence not that we believe what comes out our mouths and we present.  This is hell and the media will sale our side of the story. Truth at this stage isn’t important for we must change what we’ve done to that nigga named Digger.  I heard he likes our white women by the time we’ve finished there’ll be nothing left but a brain dead negro waiting to transport to the morgue for a medical exam. The medical examiner owes me a favor and I’ll be sure to collect my due and I’ll be seen again as them niggas white savior. This poetry spilled out of my soul as a sat in deep thought as my spirit took hold.

Wtf list happens every day, especially if you’re a so-called black man/woman in North America. It usually hits you when you’re speaking to someone, watching a movie, the news, youtube or something going on in your environment.  Why don’t you e-mail me some of your greatest wtf moments in your life, I would like to read some of them?


Mosheh said to pharaoh: “let my people go”1619-2019!


Moses the lawgiver and the rod of YAH
Abraham, the father of many nations and friend of YAH



America’s Pharaohs



“Let my people go, so they may come out and serve me.” These were the words of the prophet Moses as he stood fearlessly before the throne of a pharaoh, commanding him to let Israel go, so they may serve their Elohim. As they say “many are called but the chosen are few.”  How many Israelites today have heard the voices of our people calling on them to return to their Elohim and have taken heed to the messengers? When you consider the damage alone done in the name of Christianity to keep our people in servitude, there is still a great number of our people in a mental bondage.  Let’s also factor in the cleverness of an ex-slave owner in the west indies named Willie Lynch and how he was able to come up with a control method that will last for hundreds of years to come.  I’ve spoken to many of my people in the past and I always pose the question” will our people ever get free and become a spiritually prosperous and independent nation again. The response was pretty much always the same, “black people ain’t ready for that kind of change in America.”

Here is a loving Mighty Creator of the Universe who created all things above; and on; and below the earth but loves his chosen covenant people Israel.  It doesn’t make sense that we have the Elohim of Creation on our side and refuse to turn to him for our deliverance out of the valley of the shadow of death.  Our people keep depending on politicians to play the role of a savior god and they get egotistically high all the time knowing our people depend on them.  The time will come and Moses will call forth his people to depart from the new Egypt(North America) and return them to the promise land that was given to their ancestors. The new pharaohs of this Egypt don’t fear our Elohim, although they know who we are as a people and the Mighty God that stands behind us. What makes you think that the new Egypt doesn’t know who we are and it has the technology to send men into outer space and create weapons of mass destruction?  Pharaoh now sits comfortably in his white house palace surrounded by his soldiers and cabinet members believing his kingdom will never collapse.  Pharaoh will be put to the test again and have his heart hardened before the Most Holy Elohim bring their kingdom to a final end.

One thing for sure, no man can stop you from being free to worship the God of Creation.  Many of us one day will be completely separated from this new Egypt and will no longer be oppressed by European nations that obviously don’t fear nor respect the name of our God but they can’t deny his catastrophic power in nature. The Gentiles will do everything unreasonable under the sun to try to prevent our people from being released from under their present evil state and federal rulership. The late honorable revolutionary Nat Turner understood the importance of the words “let my people go” because when they didn’t comply, things got bloody for the Gentile slave owners.  Old Abe Lincoln so-called freed the slaves(emancipation proclamation) and unknowingly for his effort he became an American icon, “I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you.”  This was an act of our God to give our people a break from working in their cotton, tobacco and sugar cane fields.  Hundreds of years after slavery ended, with the little freedom granted to the Israelites through our Creator, many of our people are still in captivity under their new taskmasters.

The big mystery question is when the time comes will our people be ready for our Mighty God of Israel to once again deliver us from the bondage of this new Egypt? If I had to honestly answer this question, some will be willing to leave while others will try to hold on to old memories and their possessions. I understand we are not in a position to demand true freedom(reparations died) because some of us are afraid while others don’t care; many want to play with the likes of George Bush and Bill Clinton; then you have those who are 100% percent fed up with everything in North America. I’ve read a book written by the late honorable Ben Ammi Israel, “God, The Black man and Truth” and he briefly mentions in so many words that the rise of black people in America will be the most frightening event ever recorded in the history of this country.


The Louisiana Governor hate crime bill for police, it isn’t righteous.


man beastWhen I first heard about a government proposal for a hate crime bill for police, I shook my head in disbelief. Why would the most notorious police departments in America need extra protection from the public? The blue or black uniform is already protected by state laws. I use to say all the time that republicans and democrats have the same agendas but goes about it in a different way to get the job done. It was an undercover klan democrat Louisiana governor that propose this new hate crime bill.  Didn’t I tell you just like a Gentile to sit back and wait for an opportunity to score brownie points off the backs of things we start?  John Edwards this will earn you a book deal and a place in the Hall of Shame of Governors, congrats. You can’t help but hate politics in America because it’s run by grown-ups who think like high school students. Wouldn’t this be just as bad if someone proposes a confederate uniform bill saying all Klan members must burn their white robes,  we know that’s wishful thinking?

I guarantee you that such a hate crime bill will only target certain races of people, blacks in particular.  Black Lives Matter has sparked Cops Lives Matter but giving law enforcement the upper hand. Freedom of speech gone down the sewage pipe.  Maybe one day to call a cop a pig or devil in blue/black, I guess could land you in jail for a year.  The gentiles have taken something that was originally meant to protect our people from being lynched or have a crucifix burned in our front yard or truck load of rednecks shouting the N-Word during a peaceful protest.

I foresee nothing good coming out of this new hate crime bill once it’s adopted by other states. I bet law enforcement in Louisiana woke up smiling when they heard the news.  There will be much more creepy things to come that will make the hairs on your head stand up or give you the chills.  An evil mind can only manifest more evil mechanisms.  America(the New Egypt) as the devils they know they have a short time remaining to do a little more dirty work.  The U.S. government isn’t in place for moral or righteous purposes, it was founded on murder and corruption. Why are so many people, especially so-called black people in denial about old Uncle Sam(Samael)?  Peoples’ minds are in hell, completely matrix by a government that obviously doesn’t care about the welfare of the people it supposes to represent.

The whole governmental system from top to bottom needs to be uprooted and replace by a more effective body of people whose minds are controlled by the spirit of Yah. I say terminate all employees of police, government, and educational institutions and start from scratch. Only hire qualified people who can pass the Most High’s test. This is why the Kingdom will come which will consist of men and women who are governed by the very spirits of Yah.  Don’t think the end of their world will not come in your time like many who didn’t believe 2000 would come in their time. Yah has a plan, we just don’t know how that plan is going to play out.


No charges for two cops who shot Jamar Clark, the Jewish influence in White America.

“Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze would not face charges in the killing of 24-year-old Jamar Clark on 15 November. Mr Freeman made the final decision after opting not to hand the case to a grand jury, a common procedure in other high-profile police shootings.”

Source: No Charges For Two Cops Who Shot Jamar Clark

This is a story for there are many like it, of a black man murdered by two police officers. I read this story on yahoo news because I want to point out what I know as the Jewish influence in this country. I’m not sure how many readers who followed this story notice the spelling of the last names of two suspected officers in Jamar Clark’s death. A person’s last name does reveal his or her nationality, in this case Ringgenberg, Schwarze and Freeman unmistakably is European Jewish in origin.  The Jewish influence has always been strong in America and Israel. It’s no secret that the media and banks are Jewish owned and controlled institutions.

Many Jewish people would deny the fact they were involved in the purchasing, shipping and sale of thousands of slaves, this is how they made their family fortunes. Blood money runs deep as they continue to cover up their origin, riches, political influence and crimes against humanity. Read books by Arthur Koestler(13th Tribe) and William Cooper(Behold A Pale Horse) and you will get the facts of just how much the Jewish Influence extend all around this earth. They are not the Most High’s original Chosen people. They are the synagogues of Satan(Rev.2:9,3:9) sworn ancient enemies against the real people of Yah.  Yah’s daughters and sons were dispersed as slaves into the four corners of the earth; taken by force from the many shores of West Africa.

The Jewish people in high and low places of many government agencies around the world know the above world’s best kept secret is factual. Jerusalem and the Arab world will never have any peace until the real Israelites(not Israeli)/Children of Israel come forth and re-occupy that land to bring righteousness and the holy spirits.  My slain brother Jamar Clark is a victim of a secret Jewish controlled system like many of my brothers and sisters in Chicago who’s being overlooked by Chicago’s first Jewish Mayor Rahm Emanuel. It’s no coincidence that he runs one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the U.S. with the highest murder rate among black people. Have you forgotten that Chicago was founded on violence and murder and at one time was run by some of the biggest names in the mafia underworld which include both Italian(Romans) and Jewish crime bosses?  The spirit hasn’t changed, only the times, faces and names.

This showdown between Jewish people(descendants of Esau) and Yah’s original family(Israelites, Y’israel) dates back as far as to the throne of King David’s days. (Psalms 83rd chapter) “They(those against Hebrew Israelites) have taken crafty counsel against thy people(descendants of slaves) and consulted against thy hidden ones(so-called black people), they have said come and let us cut them(so-called black people) off from being a nation(loss of identity and land, slave trade) that the name of Israel(Y’israel) may be no more in remembrance( bonafide Israelites forgotten through the ages and replace by European Gentile Impostors that I refer to as the Jewish invaders). Yah punished them Jewish people for their atrocities against His covenant people when Adolf Hitler exterminated them during world war two because even Hitler knew they were up to no good in Germany. This also explains why they are so hated by racist organizations such as the Klu Klux Klan, Aryan Brotherhood, and Skinheads. If you understand how stories unfold in the scriptures, then you would know that Esau hated his brother Jacob(Israel) and quite obviously he made sure not to mingle his seed with his brother’s house but instead with the clans of Japheth. This doesn’t make all so-called white people(Euro-Gentiles) descendants of Esau but only certain wealthy European families claim the throne of Herod and the bloodline of Esau; if anybody tells you otherwise they are a liar and supporter of the false 12tribe sign.

Yah knows the suffering of his covenant people Israel and will punish all nations for their blood and murders. The blood of our Israelite ancestors has spilled into the earth and cries out for revenge.  If I were an American who believe and stands by my country no matter what it has done in the past, if I have a soul left in me, I would fear what’s to come from a living Power(Yah) who created all things in the heavens(universe);on the earth;and below the earth.  I always said something big is coming, I just don’t know when, what time, where it will start and how it will end but I just know Yah will take revenge for Israel. There will be no principalities high or low places that will be able to stop what’s to come. Keep this in mind always, and remember they are always watching us because the things we do determines just how much time they have left to rule their domain.







Beware of vernacular opinionated language, it’s all about the words.



Languages of the world word cloud illustration. Word collage concept.








We all had moments in our lives because of the ill and deceptive use of certain words cause a negative outcome in your life. Vernacular language is that everyday talk we all came into contact with in your home; on your job; out in public, etc.  Here are some examples you might have already heard, “call on the name of Jesus and you will be saved,” “who are you to judge me,” “nobody is perfect,” “color doesn’t matter,” “God loves everyone regardless of who or what you are,” “God hates the sin but loves the sinner” “we must forgive because God forgives us.” These statements are an example of the many things we’ve heard throughout our lives but never wonder about its origin. Language and words are used for the purpose of communicating an idea or thought, whether it be true or false. If I were to ask the average person what’s the difference between fact and opinion;truth and deception; order and confusion, many would not be able to honestly answer this question without using some bizarre mix of words and language.  Do you recall the many moments in your life that a cool conversation somehow went from good to being just flat-out confusing? How many times have you heard the expression “this is my opinion and you have yours”? Look up the word opinion which means-a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. It’s safe to say that an opinion is just a personal conjecture formed out of someone’s emotions, and has nothing to do with a fact, or the truth. 

Those who were responsible for creating certain words in the English language purposely manufactured the good with the evil. Imagine if the world was built  completely on facts with no opinion, and truth without deception, it would surely be a pleasant place to wake up to. How about this as an opinionated scenario,  a woman comes home after a long day on the job and catches her man in their bed with another woman, and based on her perception alone it would be a fact beyond a reasonable doubt she seen her man in bed with a strange woman. How do you think she would feel if her man said in his opinion he done nothing wrong and the woman in question is his private sex therapist that he forgot to mention? There are people who get caught up every day in the name of a tricky vernacular language.  Say if you didn’t know any better, and I convince you that the sky is green when in fact you can see that it’s white and blue-I have not only lied to you but I would have left your mind in a total state of disorder.  It’s all about word’s usage and your concept of the things you hear and see every day. Our people seem to love being deceived versus told the truth which we know religion and a mundane education provides this opportunity for a spiritual meltdown waiting to happen. I can guarantee you in any conversation if you were to remove any opinion and stick to the facts of whatever topic, you will always come out victorious even if the dialogue turns out to be a bust.

Did you know that European historians practically helped to revolutionize  white supremacy in America and all around the world? Think about it,  a so-called white man/woman with a Ph.D. in world history and linguistics and an author of many New York Times best seller books would definitely re-write history and play with words from a European perspective.   There is a long list of European historians and educators guilty of committing such an act against the minds of humanity, all you need to do is research. For example, if I said the ancient Israelites, Egyptians, Canaanites, Ishmaelites and Babylonians were Caucasian civilizations and these were the words you read written in a book, along with hearing a 120-hour classroom lecture then I would no doubt convince my students that these people were great European races thousands of years ago. Many people would not even question the validity of the professor’s sources.

How about European cultural imperialism(e.g. black vs white dictionary definition), in which white culture was forced on our ancestors when they knew no better.  Because they said it hundreds of years ago, we now believe that black people are inferior to so-called white people; white culture is superior to all other social groups. Any true historian, psychologist, anthropologist and biologist know that the above assertion about ancient civilizations, Europeans, and black people is not rooted in facts but instead racism and mythology. The moral of this story is the words we hear, read and accept determines how effective we are as individuals in our quest for real freedom and salvation in our God(Yah). The majority of our people don’t know what it means to evaluate what they hear or read before coming to a right and sound mind conclusion. This post was simply written to offer the reader another way to look at how we use words and language in our everyday conversations and to elevate your mind into a higher state of awareness. Let’s never forget the importance of words because it’s those very same words that can hinder us from spiritual growth, and shape our lives positively or negatively.  Shabbat Shalom


T.V. show ambush MAKEOVER, the miseducation of Black America.


New Age Hippies

Looking at the picture it’s funny to say that the people giving makeovers are in need of personal makeovers. If anyone with an objective mind reading this story very well knows what I’m talking about.  What has happened to our black women? We are a people so easily influence by what other ethnic cultures are doing.  There is nothing positive about the word Ambush-it’s a surprise attack on someone. Our people were Ambush in many parts of West Africa; when the slave captors were looking for human cargo.  Today in America we Ambush one another with European cultural imperialism. We help the dominant culture to impose their racism on our own people. It’s a monkey see and monkey does mentality with black people.  The things we see and hear about European culture many of us try to imitate those fads with clothing, color contact lenses, make-up, hairstyles, social entertainment and network.

This t.v. show Ambush makeover is what I call hitting the tip of the iceberg.  In this show, a black woman goes around and looks for what she believes are imperfections when it comes to black men.  She finds her ignoramus, he is a middle-aged black man with locks and ashy elbows and knees.  The wife of this man wants his locks to be cut off along with chemically dye out his gray hairs. I always thought that the person you came to love and have a family with is going to be the man you continue to love regardless of petty minor changes in his physical appearance. It made me wonder, why is his wife trying to change him in that way? Does she have some type of unspoken fantasy for a younger man, and we never know with black women?  If you saw the wife along with  all the black women involved in his Ambush makeover, these women were not what you would call the natural, wise and intelligent looking sisters. Honestly, the brother’s wife is the one that should’ve got Ambushed with a makeover, she looked like a scarecrow that wears thick eyeglasses and dress like a backwoods southern hillbilly.

This way of thinking for black women goes back to slavery, when the slave masters controlled every area of a black woman’s life, especially a good looking house negro. The other side of my point has to do with all the self-hatred that was bred into the souls of our women. Everything we’ve done on and off the plantation was always to please our captors and to this day it’s that same old mentality in many of our women.  I guess there is no more black is beautiful no matter how it looks on the surface. I’m not trying to give you the impression that it’s okay for our men and women to walk around looking like “what is it.” The brother having the locks, gray hairs, ashy elbows and knees shouldn’t have made him less of a handsome man.  They were things that his wife and he could’ve corrected on their own without the invasion of the black women body snatchers.  Again, if you’ve seen the wife, she should’ve been the Ambush client. She was just standing there laughing while explaining to the other lost sister what she wants to be done to her husband.  The husband was weak for not standing up to his wife and questioning her deep-seated motive for wanting him to get a makeover. I bet she had a hidden case of BWFS(black woman fantasy syndrome) and unknowingly the husband became his own enemy.

The moral of this story is we are lost as forgotten Israelites. A people with no identity of their true nationality will fall for anything. The loss of identity is what they purposely instilled into our ancestor’s minds to be passed on to generations to come. We are a forgotten nation, a people who are nothing but a bunch of puppets and the puppeteers still controls how we think and what we do as a people. The “psychological effects of slavery” is still lingering around among the true people of the Living Power Yah.  What pleases Yah is a question we should all ask every day we wake up before starting your day? Trying to please our captors, the price is always giving up a piece of our very souls(soul transformation).


Understanding The Laws of Our Elohim.


This is an attempt to explain the importance of God Almighty’s laws. In layman’s terms laws is a set of instructions that govern how we should interact with our neighbors and also the things we should/should not do as individuals.  Our people seem to understand the laws that men set forth but they ignore the foundation of those very same laws. The laws of Yah states, “you should not kill.” There are man-made laws that condemn anyone that commit manslaughter, murder or homicide.  This proves that Europeans borrowed some of the laws from the scriptures which they use in their judicial system.  For our people, it would’ve been so much easier to obey the laws of the Creator of heavens and earth and avoid unnecessary punishment and abuse having to be incarcerated in an unjust justice system. The big difference between the two laws are quite obvious in today’s society, mankind’s laws can be used as they see fit in their courtrooms depending on who’s on trial.  The laws of Yah cannot be altered to benefit the unrighteous, racist and bias judges and prosecutors for such an act by any person is punishable through the power of the heavenly hosts/holy spirits.  This is why politicians and judges are cautious to never use the laws and the name Yah in any speeches or courtroom proceedings. Do not the bible speaks of the evil ones also possessing some knowledge, understanding, and wisdom?


“You should not steal.” If they catch us shoplifting they will throw us under the jail. Again, the Europeans took parts of the Creator’s laws. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to keep Yah’s commandments in mind and not get caught up doing such an embarrassing thing?  I want to say to my people, the laws are a reality in our lives whether we ignore them or not, they will govern our actions.The wicked ones hid the knowledge of Yah’s laws from us and gave us Christianity. This is how the evil ones were able to catch many of us off guard and lock us up. You know how brothers and sisters get treated behind those stone walls/fences. You can’t substitute that whore religion Christianity for the laws of the Creator of heavens and earth. Please read and study your history and the laws in the bible(KJV)/torah.

“You should not commit adultery.”  I’ve known so many black women with a Christian upbringing. And many of us were groomed to be religious. Any time I brought up the topic of adultery, it was always spoken of with so much confusion and even anger.  First of all, to commit such an act two people(this exclude homosexuals) would have to be husband and wife according to the Creator’s laws which are sealed through the sex act, and declare we are husband and wife before witnesses. There is no such thing as “I do and I will.” Adam and Eve did no such thing standing before the Almighty God. Christianity is a liar. Marriage in the western world is strictly a money making institution which never had anything to do with our Creator Yah and the truths in the bible. If you have been seriously studying to show yourself approve then you would understand what I’m about to reveal.  Our people are always being destroyed for the lack of Yah’s knowledge. How many horrible murder stories have you heard over the years about a secret black love affair gone south? The last one I heard about happened right in a church in front of the congregation. The husband kills the preacher and skips over his wife. The husband goes to prison in vain. The act of adultery can be a punishment of death, e,g., temp insanity(murder), H.I.V., the death of marriage(divorce) and other terrible misfortunes.  True adultery explained in a very simple way is if a man is sleeping with another man’s woman/wife, he has committed adultery. If a woman who has a man/husband at home and having an affair with another man commits adultery. I understood what the Messiah Yeshua meant when he spoke of adultery.  Adultery starts in the heart because lust is a feeling that manifests out of the heart.

The next time you checking out that big booty, sexy breasts and cutie pie face in the bar, at the park, the mall, next door, in the hood and on a job; be sure to keep in mind her relationship status, and the same goes for our women. The hardest thing today is detecting players and liars which are why we must pray for protection and guidance. The safeguard is just don’t put yourself into situations such as adultery no matter what’s happening in your relationship. If it ain’t working then talk it out and come to some sort of closure before moving on.

There are also civil laws, dietary laws, laws of purification, childbirth laws, and high holy days laws. Real biblical scholars and teachers know it’s about 613 laws in that book called the holy bible/Torah. I’m not saying you have to learn all 613.  While I’m at it, I would like to explain the laws of purification.  This is a process of taking something holy setting it apart for an appointed time to cleanse itself. In this case, I am speaking of a woman’s monthly cycle.  If you read the book of Leviticus 15:19 is where you find this law. Many men enjoy sexual intercourse during this time when men should allow seven days for a woman’s body to cleanse itself.  When you engage in sexual activity during her monthly cycle, blood mixed with sperm causes some type of dangerous chemical reaction that weaken the male penis and could lead to vaginal or penile cancer. This unclean act can also cause sexually transmitted diseases to emerge. I’ve heard many awful stories about men and women who get it on around that time of the month. There is death coming out of her body during her monthly cycle, the old eggs are being discharged from her fallopian tubes through her uterus and out the vagina. Have you ever accidentally smelled a woman on her period when she just left the bathroom, it smells disgusting and it should stink? Who wants to wake up after having sex with blood stains on the sheets and in your pubic area?  The Holy Spirits of Yah can’t dwell with our people living under these unclean conditions. I don’t know about the reader but I can tell you from experience that as a man my body can sense when a woman is about to come on her cycle and 90% of the time I was right. The other 10% is when I was intoxicated over the years and was too wasted to sense anything at that moment. If it accidentally happens don’t worry just do as the bible instructs for men to wash and be unclean until the following evening when the sun sets. Just make sure it doesn’t keep happening.

“You should have no other gods before me.”  This lets us know that our God Yah is a jealous Power.  This only means Yah loves his people Israel/Israelites.  They say without the spirit of jealousy we cannot find love.  We are not talking about the jealousy that leads to hatred and murder of our people.  There is a spiritual danger in not knowing and understanding this particular law.  Who are the gods we are warned of to not bow down to them? A god can be an object, being, person or thing you obey.  Christianity and other religions made sure our people worship false gods created by wicked men and women in high places. The European pagan holidays, Santa(Satan) Claus, St. Patrick days, Peter Cotton Tail(Easter Bunny), Samhain(Halloween), the Great Turkey(thanksgiving), The Dead(memorial day) and 4th of July(Juli(y)us Caesar fireworks) which all involves the worship of gods/unholy spirits.  If you look up the history and origin of Euro-pagan gods and holidays you can see for yourself. I am not saying anything that hasn’t been said a million times already. This law is to protect our Israelite spirits from spiritual death. Then you wonder why your dreams are all jacked up at night while your spirit encounters activity in the lower realms. It’s true that some of our people can’t dream about anything righteous/holy but being constantly plagued by evil scary dreams and thoughts to do evil.

It’s a fact, my people, you got to get familiar with those laws.  We know how to roll that blunt when we want to smoke.  We know how to go into the kitchen/to that Arab corner store when our stomachs are hungry to get that pig.  We know how to hit that liquor store when you want to get your drink on. We know what clubs to bounce to when we want to have a fun time. We know how to be violent when we get upset. We know how to do everything negative under the sun except keep the laws of the living Power(Yah). Why is this so hard for our people to do? Our nation has not been fully resurrected because some of our people are still S.O.S.(stuck on stupid), distress and oppress. Thanks to the damn curses and abomination of slavery and being here in America for almost 400 years going through sugar honey ice tea, we now despise the laws of our Creator.  Stop running away from the laws of Yah, we should be running head on into the laws for safety, longevity and protection.


Is Black Lives Matter the new Civil Rights movement or does it really matter?

The Rainbow & Color Doesn’t Matter blend.

B.L.M. is rumored to be the new post-Civil Rights movement. I don’t want my readers to get the wrong idea but what I have to say has nothing to do with gainsaying to score brownie points for my organization. Around the time of the Michael Brown shooting is when I first heard the words “black lives matter,” the first thing that came to mind was what is my people up to now. You should know your life matters without having to tell the entire world the importance of black lives.

I thought the generation before me learned a valuable lesson of what happens when a movement gets watered down by other races. The Civil Rights movement was going strong in the 1950s and 60s until integration entered into our people’s thought process. A lot of the black organizations that sprang up out of that era died as a result of integration. How can you say it’s black lives matter when you got Homosexuals, Caucasians, Mexicans, Latinos, Arabs, Africans, Indians; all sorts of people up in the mix? Give it time and B.L.M. is going to get hijacked by other races outside of black people, then it will be All Lives Matter. The Civil Rights Bill signed off by President Lyndon B. Johnson and proposed by President J.F.K. was originally drafted for black people in America. Now gays and whites demand the same equal Civil Rights under the law.  Other races always took advantage of the fragile mindset of our people. They know whatever we start and at some point, they step in; they take over; take the credit.

I believe many members of the B.L.M. movement really don’t understand effective leadership in the black communities and politics. It’s that millennial generation that believes you can take a knife to a gun fight and win. The political powers that be have only given B.L.M. enough to pacify them. They will make sure like they’ve always done that B.L.M. never possess any real political power. How can you hold hands with the benefactors of the founding fathers of America or those that really don’t have a love for us? Don’t forget that same hand you hold could be an undercover federal agent monitoring your every action. The federal government used the same tactics under J. Edgar Hoover until they were successful at shutting down black organizations they deemed as a threat. I’m the man caught in the middle of the crossfire looking both ways, baby boomers on one side and the millennial generation on the other side.

I’ve led a march against police brutality and that day was one of the worse experiences in my life thanks to my people. B.L.M. with all its shouting, protesting and marching seems to be nothing but a big publicity show. When it comes to showing off our emotions before the world, no one does it better than black people. We are forever begging people to give us rights that are already our birthright under our God. B.L.M. needs to incorporate the power of the Creator as part of their struggle which will only be a senseless effort because of its participants. They said this is why so many black movements in the past failed because they were not ordained by the Almighty God. Don’t the powers that be hypocritically swear on the bible when they are ordained in office by men? When the Creator is involved in anything we do, it has to follow his rules of engagement. Again I don’t want to give the impression I’m hating on B.L.M. and I’m not. I love my people, especially when they are doing something right. I just see a repeat of something we’ve done already that will one day be a memory of the past while many of us still face death and murder.

B.L.M. is not out there fighting for everybody black in America that ended up having a bad day with the cops, courts or penal system. Our people just love attention because many of us didn’t get enough love at home or broken homes, which has been for the most part people of the millennial generation. Our power has plenty of love for his people, all you got to do is keep his laws and stay pro-truth. Our people obey the laws of America and sometimes end up breaking their laws and suffering the consequences. Then you have the highest and greatest laws of the Creator and no one wants anything to do with those laws.

If you really look beyond your own foolish blind way of thinking for a moment, a lot of our problems is spiritually related and has a root in not keeping and understanding the laws of the Creator. This is a problem that no black movements or political handouts can solve. Everything we do wrong can be corrected by following the laws of the Almighty Creator. When the Creator is on our side because we are obedient then he protects us from our adversaries. It’s the same thing when you were a child as long as you listen and obeyed your parents, they rewarded you with gifts, an allowance, love, etc. If you were disobedient then you would get punished until you correct your bad behavior. Is not the God of Creation the same way?

Remember what the powers that be did to their own people during the Wall Street Occupation, so what do you think they will eventually do to that movement? So keep challenging the democrat and republican party thinking that’s where the solution is. This is a presidential campaign and election season and believe me they will tolerate what we do publicly to them until someone new gets into the white house. They want them, black voters.

B.L.M. is only for our people who failed to clean up their lives and get their heads right with the God of Creation. B.L.M you owe those same hands you held and march with because Caucasians never did anything for free. Has it ever occurred to you that other races protest with you and not because they want to, how about its done out of guilt and the fear of not knowing where America is going? No one saw the so-called first Black President coming but it happened. No one saw the death of the U.S. Supreme Court Justice coming but it happened. No one saw 911 coming but again it happened. No one saw all the mass shootings in America coming but it happened. No one saw Donald Trump running for president but it’s happening. No one will see the coming of God Almighty’s(Yah) Judgment days and Kingdom but it’s sure to happen.


Using your right mind is not wasting God’s time.

Mediator, King, Messiah, High Priest, Master Teacher. He is all of the above for Israel12.
The Mind Is a Thought. Thought creates change.











Ignite your mind and click on the above picture Yeshua.  This video is unlike any information you’ve heard on youtube. A thought is created in the mind, it’s that same thought that can create change. The 12 tribe sign stands to be reproved.  Too many Israelites out there on youtube and on the streets making unnecessary noise. If we are to stand for the truth then let’s do it without error.  We’ve been here in America for far too long to leave any stones unchecked. It’s my duty as a bona fide Israelite, to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth so help me Yah. A brother once told me, “no one is wrong or right all the time.” When punches are being thrown around, no one likes to get knocked out. We are living in a time that punches must be thrown and some of our people must be knocked down. In a boxing match if you got good sportsmanship; if you get K.O., you learn from your mistakes in the ring and return for a future rematch, with the possibility of winning.

No one controls how truth is administered but only the original source some of us know as Yah. There is so much happening in America and around the world to our people, and we need to seriously pray aright to no other gods but the Holy One of Israel who is waiting for his people to call on him. I guarantee you if you call on this righteous God for black people; he is not a Jewish god, he will hear from the heavens and bring healing and deliverance.

There is a real power in his name and that’s what our secret enemies did not want us to know. This is why they gave us Jesus, a god of spiritual damnation and slavery. This false god contradicts the real historical savior of Israel/Israelites, and his name and title is the Black Messiah Yeshua. The late J. Edgar Hoover COINTELPRO stated “the fear of the rise of a black messiah.” This same Yeshua through the Power of Yah is working through his people Israel to bring them back to Yah before that great dreadful judgment day. Those judgment days have already begun because the city I live in is dealing with cold and snowy days in the month of April and only April fools didn’t believe it could happen. I will continue posting other reliable videos for those who can withstand the absolute truth and change of knowledge. Remember, all knowledge is not of the Most High Yah! The tree of knowledge of good and evil is symbolic of people; they are trees that do speak knowledge!