Posted On April 11,2016

S.T.R.I.K.E. is a Blogging Hebrew website in progress. Thanks for your support. Important messages to our readers:

I’ve noticed when viewing our word press website from other computers,  PICTURES AND PARAGRAPHS don’t appear the same as viewing from our computer. I’m not sure why the appearance is displaying differently on other computers. If we had to guess it may be due to the computer’s IP address/browser settings. This is not a big issue because all posts read the way it supposes to, regardless of the location.  We are always working to give our readers the most easily read and understood POSTS.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

Disregard the above post, I believe we solved the problem. We took our time and went through all our posts and done some updating and rearranging paragraphs and pictures.  Thank you or Shalom.

5/18/16- this is work constantly editing and updating posts on this WP blog site.

7/4/16- is coming along, we’ve been making some improvements. Thanks for checking out our blogs.

7/6/16- just updated a few grammar errors in our blogs. Shalom

10/4/16- it’s not easy when you got to constantly update changes on a blog site.  We are improving the view when reading Our  Stories but we always keep in mind it’s not about us, it’s about the cause and our people. We will someday change over to our personal domain.

7/12/16- will be updating its logo and switching to its own personal .com website.  Thank you readers for being patient.

7/1/17- just completed some updates, there is always room for improvement.

11/20/17- will be updating its blog site which includes posts and other features. Thank you for your patience and checking out our stories. Shalom

11/22/17- serious grammar corrections in progress with blogs or our stories. We apologize for getting off to a rough start but time will make things better.